Unique Benefits


  • ALL of our Teachers are CPR Trained and First Aide Certified

  • Our interactive classrooms will be equipped with EDUCATIONAL INTERACTIVE MULTI TOUCH FLAT PANELS with superior image quality and interactive capability which are not only the foundation where richer and more inspiring teaching materials are built upon, but also where students actively show their achievement. The display will provide teachers and students with more involving and highly immersive learning experience.

  • ENRICHMENT PROGRAM: This program is open to children in Preschool and Pre-K programs, and taught in small groups of 3-5 children so that your child receives the individualized attention they need. Classes take place three times per week and are held in 30 minute sessions. Each child will receive instruction in literacy, math or both. Includes WordSmartTM: the Tutor TimeĀ® Way Workbook, and MathSmartTM: the Tutor TimeĀ® Way Workbook.

  • Children three and four years old also receive their very own account with ABC Mouse! Children can use this teaching tool while at school then continue the learning at home!

  • We Teach Letters and Phonemic Awareness Through Words

  • Utilize PreciouStatus, a Safe, Real-time Daily Engagement between parents and teachers which runs on ANY device including pc's, tablets, and smartphones. With precioustatus, families and registered loved ones receive private instant, in-the-moment news, photos and updates about activities and daily progress in an easy-to-read daily timeline.

  • Monthly Calendar of Fun and Educational Activities in addition to our Stellar Curriculum

  • Themed Documentations Of your Children Learning with Photos and Descriptions Posted in your child's classroom

  • Yearly Graduation Yearbooks and Commencement Ceremonies with Caps, Gowns and Tassels

  • Indoor Play Area

  • Two playgrounds separated by age appropriateness

  • Featuring the ZONO Sanitizing Cabinet which uses the same ozone technology used to sanitize medical equipment in hospitals, killing Staph, E. Coli, Hand/Foot/Mouth and Norovirus on non-porous, porous and semi-porous surfaces such as toys, sleeping mats, and many other items that carry germs.

  • We are piloting the QUALITYstarsNY Program and having a hand in writing the criteria for stars throughout our state which in turn, improves the quality of early childhood education for all children enrolled in childcare centers...
    Click here, to find out more about QUALITYstarsNY

  • Extracurricular Programs: Happy Feet Soccer Program, Organic Nannies/Critter Caravan, Children's School of Yoga

  • Kindergarten Assessment Test

  • Spanish

  • Baby Sign Language for Infants and Toddlers

  • On-site Owner

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