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Dear Families and Friends,

The summer months have arrived! The month of June has come and gone leaving us with our graduated classes of Pre-K students and campers who will be enjoying our Tutor Time Summer Camp!

Our graduation ceremony was held at the Town Hall in New City. The families enjoyed the performance of songs as well as the actual ceremony itself. Happy tears were shed for the students who will be attending Kindergarten in the fall. We wish the best of luck to our 2017 graduating classes!

It was a pleasure to have so many fathers join us for “Donuts for Dad”! We hope you all enjoyed a special Father’s Day with your families.

Please remember to check your child’s cubby for extra weather appropriate clothing. Even four-year olds and campers should have extra clothing. Also remember to bring in a bathing suit, water shoes & a towel every day for your child. We will be having fun in the water and sun!


Karen Wizeman - Center Director &
Heather McCadden – Center Asst. Director


  • Our Center has installed a ZONO Sanitizing Cabinet to help protect your child from harmful bacteria and viruses. The ZONO system uses earth-friendly green technology to safely sanitize without steam, heat or harsh chemicals. The ZONO system kills 99.9% of germs on surfaces your child comes in contact with every day.

  • To help us focus on the things that matter most to you as parents, please click on the TATTLE link here and provide us with some feedback. Thank You!

  • Our center is continuing with our commitment to the Pilot Field Study on the QUALITYstarsNY project. It was initiated in Spring of 2010 and rolled the Winter of 2010/11. In June of 2012 we submitted our application to continue with the implementation. In this project we have become a study center to help create the Stars Rating Scale. NYS is creating this scale to award Child Care and Learning Centers a number of 1 – 5 Stars (similar to restaurant or hotels). Because of this program our teachers have received valuable training hours specific to the needs of our center. We have been able to assess our lesson planning and use our assessment tools to better create an individual lesson plan for each child based on observations and anecdotal note taking. It has made a significant difference in meaningful lessons for our children and we hope you have noticed this yourself. To find out more about the QUALITYstarsNY project in our school, click here.

  • Another project we are involved with is also sponsored by NYSOCFS. It is funded by United Way and EPIC (Every Person Influences Children). This project is geared toward enriching children’s lives through literacy. Each one of our classrooms will be rated with the same Environmental Rating Scale, yet specific to literacy only. Each classroom will be granted 20 hours of technical assistance to help move the rating in a positive way up the scale. This way each room will be enhanced to its individual needs, not center wide. Each room will be provided with materials; and each teacher is invited to attend 9 workshops and EPIC will also be providing 4 workshops for parents. Our Preschool and Pre-K classrooms have all completed the Literacy workshop and next we will focus on the Preppers, Twaddlers and Toddlers. Each Preschool and Pre-k classrooms received their final rating scores and they were amazing! The implementation greatly improved our curriculum in this area. We have the results in the office should you desire to read them. To find out more about EPIC visit their website at

We hope our participation in these projects is as important to you as they are to us and we truly hope the children reap the rewards!

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