Meet the Staff

Karen Wizeman - Center Director

Lived in Rockland County for the past 30 years.
Worked in education for the past 20 years.
Has been a teacher, a principal and an assistant director.
Worked with students from the age of 2 through 13 years old. Has experience with typical students as well as students on the autism spectrum.
"I am happy to work closely with the children to help them reach their full potential."

Heather McCadden - Assistant Director

I started working in the education field in 2008. I have my Bachelors degree in psychology and my Masters Degree in Childhood Education 1-6. "The children in our school bring a smile to my face. My goal as assistant director is to make a safe and fun environment for all our students. "

Ms. Eileen-Lead Infant Teacher

"The ability to touch little one's lives and uplift parents is extremely rewarding for me!"

Ms. Sam-Assistant Infant Teacher

"The fact that the babies love you unconditionally make my job very rewarding. I feel lucky to be able to help them grow and learn."

Ms. Ashley- Assistant Infant Teacher

"I enjoy watching the children grow and making them happy through daily learning and play."

Ms. Jennifer- Lead Infant Teacher

"I am here to love, care and teach our brand new generation."

Ms. Vernessa- Assistant Infant Teacher

"love working with children because they teach me something every day and it's fun watching them grow!"

Ms. Genesis- Lead Toddler Teacher

"I love that they always find a way to bring joy to my day with their smiles, their laughter and especially their hugs!"

Ms. Niyah- Assistant Toddler Teacher

"I love that I am given the opportunity to create long and lasting connections with the children."

Ms. Sharonica- Lead Toddler Teacher

"I love the daily smiles I get to put on the children's little faces and watching them grow daily as they develop new skills. I love being a beacon of encouragement."

Ms. Soraya- Assistant Toddler Teacher

"I love that the children always keep me thinking. They come to me for encouragement, comfort, information and solutions."

Ms. Tamara -Lead Toddler Teacher

"I love working with children because they bring so much joy into your life. I love to see their smiling faces each day."

Ms. Sofia Assistant Toddler Teacher

"I love working with children because they are so lively and have such amazing personalities. It gives me pure joy to be able to have a job where I get to do what I love."

Ms. Veronica-Lead Twos Teacher

"We have lots of fun reading books and singing songs together. I really enjoy helping them learn and grow."

Ms. Stacy - Assistant Twos Teacher

"I enjoy reading to the children and doing crafts with them and watching them have fun while learning."

Ms. Megan - Lead Twos Teacher

"What I love most about working with children is seeing them laugh and interact with each other. I love seeing them smile and get so excited when they are able to accomplish a task for the first time."

Ms. Sarka- Assistant Twos Teacher

"Working with children is my passion, I like their honesty and innocent souls. I love to make them laugh and see them happy."

Ms. Amy- Preschool Teacher

"I love watching their growing personalities and sense of humor."

Ms. Jaimy-Assistant Preschool Teacher

"I love watching kids grow and progress."

Mr. John- Lead Preschool Teacher

"What I love most about working with children is their innocence and pure wonder."

Ms. Pat - Assistant Preschool Teacher

"It is very satisfying working with and watching the children learn, grow and become independent. The curriculum here at Tutor Time encourages the children to excel."

Mr. Marlon- Lead Preschool Teacher

"The feeling of accomplishment when I see the students grow in knowledge, confidence and skill set."

Ms. Carolina- Assistant Preschool Teacher

"I love teaching children something new and having fun while doing it! I love their little smiles, little giggles and innocent little voices."

Ms. Danielle- Lead UPK Teacher

"I love making a difference in their lives, and inspire them to be their best selves."

Ms. Deanna- Assistant UPK Teacher

"I love witnessing their excitement as they explore and learn new things. Kids are filled with so much love, they're a joy to be around."

Ms. Liz- Pre-K Lead Teacher

"It is so rewarding to see children progress and grow! Watching their faces light up makes my heart grow more and more with love for children."

Ms. Widlyne- Pre-K Assistant Teacher

"What I love most about working with children is that I am the start of their foundation in education."

Ms. Maria - Floater

"I truly enjoy working with the children because when I see their smiling faces, it brings me joy and happiness."

Ms. Christine- Floater

"I love the satisfaction I get from watching and encouraging the children learn and grow by interacting with their friends or just on their own. Each child is an individual and a joy!"

Ms. Julie- Floater

"I love to see the children grow developmentally in a positive way. I also love how their smiles bring such happiness to the classrooms and teachers, especially me!"

Ms. Gabby- Floater

"It's enjoyable to see how happy the kids are and what you can learn from them."

Mr. Dan-Cook